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“Safer Together”

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With just four pieces of info, you’re all set! We’ll use this information to help you in an emergency, and protect it always.

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Connect to a Network

It only takes one connection to save your life, but the more devices and apps you connect, the more covered you’ll be.

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Get Help Right Away

When your connected device senses danger, or you trigger a silent hailer manually, we’ll send the right help, right away.

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What if there is a false alarm or i trigger by accident?

No problem! Immediately after a hailer is triggered, our certified (and incredibly friendly) dispatchers check in via whatsapp and phone call. To cancel, just reply with your 4-digit Socially Safe PIN. We’re never upset about a false alarm, because it means you’re OK.

Remember, if you’re unable to respond, we’ll still send help.

Socially Safe is..

An app that aims at addressing the everyday safety challenges faced by the South African community.The App allows you to create safety clusters within specified locations.

The Purpose of..

the application is to have a silent hailer within reach for the users and position them at a privilege where they can access assistance in varying aspects within moments.

Our Aim..

  • Emergency assistance within minutes of a distress call.
  • A community of partners that monitor the safety of those within their circle through Geo - Targeted notifications.

Coming Soon

Count down to the 1st of December 23:59hrs – 30 Days to go.

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